BREAKING: Did Tim Kaine Just Telegraph That Hillary’s Dropping Out?


During a campaign rally this Monday sans Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who was literallyhome sick, vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine said something rather odd that made it sound as if he were the one running to be president.

“In campaigns, I have run eight races and I have won eight races — I’m undefeated,” he announced at the Dayton, Ohio, event. “And can I just tell ya, I’m not gonna lose this one. I am not gonna lose this one.”

“Hillary and I — we are not going to lose this one,” he then hurriedly added.

By itself, this oddly worded statement might not have meant very much. However, during the event, Clinton’ surrogate and former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland claimed Kaine was “ready to become the president” if Hillary Clinton for whatever reason cannot.
He also reportedly praised the vice presidential nominee as “a wonderful and prepared person to be the president” in Clinton’s absence, according to Breitbart.

Combined with what Kaine said, it sounded almost as if there were an expectation of some sort that Clinton’sdecaying health might force her to drop out of the race, thus making Kaine a contender for the Democrat presidential nomination.

Add to this the fact that Clinton collapsed at a Sept. 11 memorial service a day earlier due, allegedly, to symptoms of pneumonia, sparking renewed concerns about her health. Plus, she has been coughing like a chain smoker for several weeks now.

Moreover, it was reported on Monday that the Democrat National Committee was considering an emergency meeting to consider a possible “replacement” for her. Was Kaine perhaps the “replacement” that the committee was considering?

H/T The American Mirror

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