Chilling mystery illness leaves boy, 4, crying tears of BLOOD and eyes bulging out of sockets


A secretive restorative condition causes a four-year-old Indian kid’s eyes to drain and fly out, making him totally visually impaired.

Sagar Dorji, from Lakhimpur in the northeastern Indian condition of Assam, was an ordinary child some time recently…

Sagar Dorji 1

Be that as it may, only a couple of months prior, his eyes begins draining and soon started to fly out of the attachments.

Sagar Dorji 2

“He was a sound kid up to this point. The issue began two-three months back. To start with, his eyes got swollen and looked ragged looking. At that point it began peeping out of the attachment and dying. I don’t have the foggiest idea about whose revile has fallen upon us.” Sagar’s upset mother, Kusum Dorji, said.

The obscure malady makes him endure enormous torment, he inevitably lost his sight.

Sagar Dorji 3

His crushed guardians are urgent to discover what’s bringing about Sagar’s condition. He has been moved to a state-run office, however unfortunately, their budgetary abilities hold them for seeking after further restorative tests required.

Specialists need to perform lab tests to figure out what isn’t right with his eyes, yet the poor family can’t manage the cost of the examinations. Around £140 is required to reserve testing before beginning his treatment.

Sagar’s dad, Pratim Dorji, who functions as a worker stated, “It would cost around Rs 12000 (£120 or $156), however I don’t have cash to store that.”

Sagar Dorji 5

Since the child was conveyed to Guwahati healing center, Mr. Dorji said he had seen ‘no change’ in his child’s condition. “In any case, I have no alternative however to proceed with this treatment as I can’t stand to subsidize expensive treatment in a greater city like Mumbai or Delhi.” he included.

The specialists, who were allegedly treating him for growth, declined to remark on Sagar’s case.

Sagar Dorji 4

The frantic guardians argued for help on the web.

Mrs. Dorji stated, “I offer to all kind-hearted individuals to help me spare my child. Whatever other guardians will have the capacity to feel my torment. Help me spare my kid by contributing whatever you can. Those of you who can’t, please petition God for him.”