Liberals Are Calling For Melania To Be Deported, And What They Said About Barron Just Pissed Trump Off Majorly!


Liberals Are Calling For Melania To Be Deported, And What They Said About Barron Just Pissed Trump Off Majorly!

Most of the world seems to think that the President’s hard-line stance on immigration is hypocritical since his wife is an immigrant. They are trying to prove that since she wasn’t born in the U.S. she shouldn’t get to stay here, despite her completely legal status.

While we’ve always known that the liberals like to play dirty, this is pretty low. They’ve even called 11-year-old first son, Barron, an “anchor baby” as if Melania had him strictly for the purpose of staying in the United States. This logic is problematic for several reasons; the first is that marrying Donald Trump would have been enough to keep her in the United States, to begin with. And even if she hadn’t married him, come on, look at her, the woman had options. This isn’t slowing down the slander fest though.

The liberal news source Ocupy Democrats gleefully announced that their belief is that Melania should actually be deported:

On Wednesday the Supreme Court heard a case about a Serbian woman, Divna Maslenjak, who was deported after it became apparent she’d misrepresented a particular fact about her husband’s past military service on her naturalization paperwork.

President Donald Trump’s administration has supported this with orders to the Department of Homeland Security, and has therefore set a legal precedent that implies that anyone who has also made a mistake on their paperwork can and will be deported.

New York City Immigration specialist Cheryl David agrees. Ms. David states that if Melania did indeed take on paid work while on a tourist visa, she “definitely violated her status, and if it came to immigration’s attention, yeah, they certainly could put her into removal proceedings.”

I’m no lawyer, but I would guess that the illegal immigrants that the President’s orders applies to are those who are attempting to continually break the law by circumventing the system for legal immigration, not those who had a paperwork issue that they later corrected. I think what these folks are doing here is trying to crucify Melania for coming to the United States and beginning to work too soon. Kinda the opposite of the new normal for immigrants who come and immediately become a drain on the economy by not working and drawing on federal support. But leave it to a liberal to throw shade at someone for producing.

The liberal party of tolerance never ceases to amaze with the new ways they come up with to cheapen the contribution that legitimate citizens bring to the table. I guess these folks making nasty comments like this have never been around someone who actually values those who come from a diverse ethnic background or been in a family where the father and kids have a strong and trusting bond.

However, they continue to make idiots of themselves, attempting to make things more difficult for the President and show their disdain and disregard for the laws of the land.

CNN reports:

Callers have been flooding the Trump administration’s new illegal immigration hotline with stories about aliens. Only not the kind the administration was thinking of. People are trolling the line with calls about space aliens.

One of the first people to troll the hotline was Alexander McCoy, a Marine vet from New York. He’s outraged by the Trump administration’s policies toward undocumented immigrants and was looking for a “fancy way” to push back.
“The idea came to me when ICE announced the opening of the hotline on Twitter,” he told CNN, “and I noticed that Alien Day was trending on Twitter.” (The hashtag #AlienDay refers to the “Alien” movie franchise)