Muslim Boss Has Nasty Surprise For Infidel Chef Who Messed Up His Eggs


Muslim Boss Has Nasty Surprise For Infidel Chef Who Messed Up His Eggs

A cook was preparing boiled eggs when he accidentally broke one of the shells, a minor mistake that caused the egg white to leak into the pan. However, as soon as his boss saw this small blunder, he decided to give a sickening surprise to the clumsy restaurant chef.

Despite immigrating to the West to live under democracy and rake in all the glorious benefits and freedoms our culture has to offer, Muslims continue to perpetuate the violence and oppression rampant in their own countries. Of course, the left excuses this barbarity as “culture differences,” which proves that their push for multiculturalism is cultivating values that are inferior in both progress and morality, making their claim that all cultures are created equal nothing more than a politically correct falsehood.

When Djamel Benrejdal, the Muslim owner of the Eat Mediterranean pizzeria in North Yorkshire, saw that his employee had accidentally cracked one of the eggs he was boiling, he flew into an uncontrollable rage. Fuming over the “wrongly-cooked” egg, Benrejdal decided to teach chef Chouaib Boussera a lesson he’d never forget.

Scarborough News reports that Benrejdal, 49, took the boiling water in which the egg had been cooked and poured it over Boussera’s torso, causing him horrifically disfiguring burns on his arm and chest.

CCTV footage captured the disturbing honor crime, despite Benrejdal’s attempt to tamper with the video. In the clip, Benrejdal can be seen taking the pot of scalding water and flinging it at Boussera, 30, whose skin begins smoking and subsequently melting off his body.

After causing immense pain and horrendous injuries to Boussera, Benrejdal attempted to callously remedy the screaming man’s wounds with yogurt, onions, and honey, a cultural concoction, instead of calling an ambulance. Although the food paste expectedly failed to provide relief to Boussera, Benrejdal refused to allow him medical assistance, demanding that he return to work, according to Daily Mail.

Benrejdal finally allowed Boussera to seek treatment the next day at Scarborough Hospital only after completing his shift. It was then that Benrejdal realized his culpability, prompting him to try to alter the CCTV footage. Ultimately, Benrejdal failed to remove the portion of the video that captured the crime, allowing the York Crown Court to review the heinous assault.

Benrejdal denies any wrongdoing, despite knowing that his face is clearly captured in the footage. He pleaded not guilty to the attack but was convicted of his crimes and denied bail. His sentencing is scheduled to proceed under Judge Andrew Stubbs on June 9.

Of course, while this type of brutality is condemned and reprimanded under Western law, it isn’t as uncommon or punishable in Sharia governed countries. Because the Islamic prophet Muhammad owned many slaves, devout Muslims revere slavery as a religious right and often get away with it through convenient legal loopholes.

In April 2017, a Muslim woman filmed her Ethiopian maid falling seven stories from a window and miraculously surviving her injuries. The Kuwaiti employer simply watched and recorded the dangling woman, refusing her any assistance. The Muslim woman then claimed that she filmed the gruesome fall because she didn’t want to be accused of murder “if she died.” Kuwaiti Muslims own an estimated 600,000 slaves, which they call “domesticated workers.” Of course, once the workers have migrated to their country, these employers withhold their passports and pay them only enough wages to keep them indebted to them.

In May 2014, photos of a severely disfigured woman spread on social media. The images of 23-year-old “Fatma” portrayed the abuse the Filipino “maid” endured under her Saudi employers. Her boss’s mother had thrown boiling coffee on the woman’s back and legs because she didn’t cook it fast enough, causing horrific injuries to Fatma, who is essentially one of the many slaves in Saudi Arabia.

In March 2010, a Christian maid was brutally burned alive by her Pakistani Muslim master to prevent her from reporting him for rape. Kiran George suffered burns to 80 percent of her body and died 2 days later because she had threatened to file a police report against Mohammad Raza Ahmda.

Common sense tells us that welcoming in cultures that perpetuate rape and oppression will subjugate us to rape and oppression. For some reason, the left cannot fathom this and insists on importing millions who adhere to these values. It is because of this normalization of inferior cultures that liberals have blood on their hands.