On the heels of the upcoming Super Tuesday Presidential Primaries Donald Trump, announced via Twitter, that he supported the Confederate Flag. “Only a loser opposes the Confederate Flag” read Trump’s tweet. Trump continued to rant stating that the flag is a part of everyone’s heritage and should fly on every government building in the south. “Schools, churches, post offices should all be proud to fly the Confederate Flag. There’s nothing racist about it. The Blacks are acting as if its a KFC flag or something.” says Trump,”If I am elected I will sign an executive order that forces all the Southern States to fly the flag which is what most people want.”

The Confederate Flag has been the center of debate following a racially-motivated church shooting massacre in South Carolina last year. As Fox news reported President Obama banned the flag on government property via executive order shortly thereafter.Trump‘s plan will countermand the order with penalties for former Confederate States that refuse to comply.
In a sign of solidarity, Trump promises to release a line of confederate flag themed clothing line. The garments will include confederate flag “wife beater” t-shirts, coveralls, and clip-on dress ties. Mr Trump had floated the idea of confederate flag themed lingerie that his supermodel wife would wear,but nixed the idea when Mrs.Trump said it was “too creepy”.




The designs are on their way to his factories in China and Islamistan now according to Trump. “Id manufacture this clothing line in the South, but the quality would suffer because of the distinct lack of work ethic and attention to detail delivered by all the Mexicans living down there now. If we’re going to make America great again, we’ve got to dress for success”. Mr Trump later clarified his statement by adding “I mean, these people can’t even brush their teeth. They’ll never be able to figure out how to use a sewing machine. Plus,you give a Mexican some money and they will just blow it on tequila and meth anyway.”.
Dr.Ben Carson also weighed in and told NASCAR fans.at a South Carolina rally, that flying the Confederate Flag is OK.He then went on to say that Samuel L. Jackson was his favorite character in Django Unchained.
It is unclear if retail stores will carry any of the new Confederate products.Wal-Mart recently pulled all Confederate themed merchandise from it’s southern stores citing each store would need two or three more aisles for Star Wars,The Force Awakens merchandise and toys.
The plan made many BlackLivesMatter activists furious.Al Sharpton denounced Trump and said that he would boycott all wrestling matches,monster truck rallies,and Lynyrd Skynyrd concerts if the flag is brought back.
“Heritage Not Hate”,a Georgia based group of Confederate Flag enthusiasts applauded the move but could not be reached for comment as they were purportedly watching Duck Dynasty.